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5229 NE MLK Blvd, Suite #102

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Vanport Square Studio offers a unique experience in performance for the creative spirit in everyone.    Subscribe to our newsletter!

Our mission is to Unleash the Power of the Human Voice!
Our ongoing Singing Classes, Workshops & Performance Intensives with studio founder Michelle Kopper are designed to connect you to your unique creative expression, foster risk-taking and build your capacity for being present.  The work we do together is designed to empower authentic self-expression through cultivating the voice. We create and sustain an environment that supports risk-taking, artistic growth & vulnerable exploration. Ultimately, through play, vocal technique, performance craft, personal growth and daring we become grounded, confident and completely present to joy and powered by enthusiasm.  Creative expression is as individual as DNA--Your Sound is Uniquely Yours--Free your sound!  
"The Inspired Voice" Coaching & Leadership Programs also developed by studio founder Michelle Kopper -- out of 25+ years experience on stage, teaching and facilitating hundreds of people freeing their voice -- are customizable programs designed to Create and/or Expand your vision of "success" and the ideal lifestyle you'd like your work to provide; Discover & Discard hidden challenges that may be holding you back and keeping you spinning your wheels and Motivate & Inspire you to Give Voice to your enthusiasm, passion and expertise. Grow Your Presence, Influence and in your Industry with EASE in your business, creative enterprise or career.