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Spring 2014 Singing Classes


Audition Workshops








Gift Certificates for classes are available.

Please Call 347.746.4703 for the most up-to-date information.

Prep Like a Pro! Musical Audition Prep
4-Week Session: March 9th-30th Register Now

Prep Like a Pro! Monologue Audition Prep with Sam Hull 4-Week Session March 9th Register Now

Sam's Monologue Run Through with Sam Hull  March 30th Register Now

Musical Audition Run Through with Michelle Kopper Seymour and Reece Marshburn: Sunday, April 6th

Register Now




melissa and michelle Vanport Square Studio offers a unique experience in performance for the creative spirit in everyone. Our mission is to empower authentic self-expression; to create and sustain an environment that supports risk-taking, artistic growth & vulnerable exploration. Our ongoing Singing Performance classes and workshops facilitate your unique expression of creativity, foster risk-taking and build your capacity for being present. Creative expression is as individual as DNA--Your Sound is Uniquely Yours--Free your sound!